WILL Never Truly Go Away

Welcome to your upland getaway, the one that opens up new activities and appetites.

Every Octant is a tribute to its location. They are places where you will find care and attention, peace and freedom, with no time constraints. As well as rare emotion, in-depth knowledge, and unique encounters and experiences you will remember forever.

Here, in the very heart of town’s historical center, you will find the Palace of Lousã, which represents the evolution in style and architecture that took place between the 18th and 19th centuries. An emblazoned 18th-century building that once served as the palace of the Viscountess of Espinhal, and which is classified as historical heritage of public interest, having left its mark on several generations of inhabitants due to the impact of the Viscountess’s generosity.

But from this historical conservation, new memories and contemporary confluences are created, around a leafy mountain range. Anyone who arrives here through sports, photography, natural observation, reads the contours of this mountain well, from where you can see the Castle and Schist Villages, rivers and waterfalls, wild boar and deer. In its cut, the mountain becomes the ideal place for the practice of adventure sports, where nature will always be challenging you to overcome yourself. It will not be surprising, therefore, that these landscapes whet your appetite. There are traditional confections of game, chestnut and pumpkin to discover at À TERRA to comfort you. But if something remains to be satiated, Lousã is generous and will have something delicious to offer, without rushing.

This is what it means to be free. It is having the time for what matters, turning it into good memories, and returning to them over and over again.



Discover, too, the À TERRA Restaurant, outings to see the schist villages, the river beaches, and the craft workshops we have chosen for you..