Upland HEART and SOUL

Here, time is whatever you want it to be. So why not take the opportunity to embrace experiences and activities you have never tried before? Do something new and different; make memories. As a couple or a family, we all have something to discover here.


In our gourmet À TERRA Restaurant, or through our local partners and producers, you can savour comforting cuisine, slow-cooked in earthenware pots over a low heat, and found only here in the uplands.


NATURE and Adventure

Here, nature’s unlikely encounters of beaches and waterfalls, not to mention the rambles and walkways, will challenge you with their charms

Even more experiences for you to TRY

If we’ve aroused your curiosity and you’d like to try other activities, workshops or regional tours, we have plenty more to offer.

Explore Lousã by bicycle with all of the bikehotel equipment and services we put at your disposal.